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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
To Do
On Crochetville I have joined a crochet-along to help me finish some projects. The deadline is by the new year, January 1, 2008. I have a lot going on with school and then moving, but I'm hoping that having some time off for the holidays will help. Here is what is on my list:

1. Comfortghan for Lindsay (Joining the squares--deadline is Thanksgiving!)
2. Ripple blanket for roomie's bday/housewarming/xmas gift (30% done)
3. 5 Scarves for Christmas Gifts (0 done...eek!)
4. 8-pocket tote bag (35% done)
5. Sweater for Violet (looking for the perfect pattern! 0% done)
6. Baby blanket for co-worker (0% done)

I think this is a pretty ambitiouis list, but hopefully I can do it!! Who is going to be my cheerleaders???
Blogger bettycrackpot said...
way to go jessica! did you think of doing a BICO for miss violet?

Blogger Lesalicious said...
Glad you can join my CAL best of luck on all your projects We both can surely finish our projects:)