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Friday, September 28, 2007
it's been awhile (part two)
life's been pretty crazy recently and i haven't thought to update this thing, but with some encouraging (thanks ladies!) i am finally getting around to it.

my current wip:

tote bag for my roommate. i'm doing the 8 pocket tote from the lionbrand site, when it is finished it will look like this:
Except I am doing the body in a camel color and the handles in a teal blue.....very nice!! i am almost done with one side panel, i'm hoping to finish all the pieces by the end of this weekend, then all i will have to do is finish it and i can give it to her. yay!

another wip i have is a comfortghan for my friend lindsay. she has been in the hospital for quite some time, she had severe complications from a surgery and had to have all 4 of her limbs amputated. crycryit's really awful, but thanks to all the wonderful ladies at the ville i am able to put together a little something for her. members have been donating squares, and jessica has volunteered to collect and edge them. once i get them from her i will be putting them together and then doing some sort of nice border around it. i havent been able to see her yet (no one has really), but i know i'll be able to get it to her one way or another.

some finished objects:

I made this baby blanket for a coworker, she is having a little boy any day now!! it's a giant granny ghan, first time i've ever done one, and i have to say that i liked it at first but then i got quite bored with it as the rows got longer and longer.....i like the way it turned out in the end , though.

a scarf i did. we are making some to sell to help raise money for lindsay.

I've been so busy with school and work that i'm sad to report that's basically all that's been on my hook since my last update!! with the holidays coming up though i better get to hookin!!
Blogger Donna said...
Hi, I'm new to this blogger thing and found your site. Love the scarf you made for your friend Lindsay. Could you tell me about the pattern? My first love is crocheting but have learned this year to knit. Thanks, Donna

Blogger Jessica said...
Hi Donna!! The pattern is simple...just DC and SC!! I worked the scarf side to side...

3 rows of DC in green
1 row of SC in White
1 row of DC in green
1 row of SC in White
3 rows of DC in Green

then I just added fringe! :) Easy, right?