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Tuesday, May 8, 2007
I have a problem!
Ok seriously what is wrong with me?????
I started ANOTHER new project today. For real. I'm such a freak.

Haha. :-p

I dusted off my knitting needles and began a baby sweater in lilac TLC. The good news is that I am using yarn from my stash!! It's my first knitted wearable. It's wierd because I've been "knitting" for about 3 years and still haven't pushed myself past beginner stages. Yet I've only recently rediscovered crocheting, about 6 months ago, and have long surpassed the "beginner" level. I attribute that to my friends at Crochetville. In fact, it was one of the girls over there (Hi Jessica!) that is encouraging me to do this sweater!! It's her pattern and she was nice enough to share.

Right now its just sort of a rectangle but once it starts taking some shape I promise to post pictures.

Just gotta get through this exam tomorrow morning...then it's a crafting marathon!! Yipee!!!!!
Anonymous Lynlee said...
DON'T say the 'K' word or else I'm going to have to get out my knitting needles, too!! Then, I'll not only have crochet ADD, I'll have knitting ADD, too and that would be A VERY BAD THING RIGHT NOW!

Blogger KarenMaiko said...
Yeaaaa! Welcome back to the dark side! Mwahaha!