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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
My first wearable!!

I completed my first wearable yesterday!! I still have some alterations to do though, so it's not completely done, but it is on the home stretch!
I'm going to extend the back up some with a solid panel so that I can wear a bra with it...also got to go to JoAnne's and get some cup liners.

But what do you think?? :)

It was my first wearable and I'll admit that I was pretty intimidated when I started. But I took it step by step, line by line, and it was actually REALLY easy!! :)

My goal is to design my own top by the end of the summer!!!!
Blogger Jessica said...
So cute! You did a great job! I am intimidated by clothing too ... (except scarves!) I have seen some cute tank tops and stuff that may not be TOO hard ... but I haven't been brave enough to try any yet!

Blogger Sara said...
That's so cute! Great job!